Quiz Group

Dear Quizzers,
Our October meeting was also our third Anniversary of self inflicted migraine makers, and although we had a modest turnout of 9 we managed a trio of trios (that’s three teams of three people each, by the way).
They chose the following team names; “The Girls” (three ladies), “12 Letters Only” (three “gentlemen”) and “The Other Three” (one of each).
I teased the assembled with four rounds of 20 questions each, plus three Table Top Puzzles. The four rounds consisted of 1. “Name That Year”, 2. “70’s Film Quotes”, 3. “Past Law & Order” and 4. “Pot Luck”.
I was quite astonished by the meagre scores in the first round (the highest being 3), as (bearing in mind the average age of the participants) I would not be surprised if they could not remember what they had for breakfast, but expected them to remember events that took place twenty, thirty of forty years ago, such as in what year did all the following take place; Charles Manson is incarcerated for life, Disney World opens in Orlando, Florida and Decimal currency is introduced to the UK?
Members fared a little better in round two, with the “12 letters Only” scoring a credible 10 points by knowing such quotes as “Is it safe?”. Round Three had a much more respectable outcome all round by answering such questions as “In which century was the last execution at the Tower of London?”.
Round Four was a little trickier with the highest score being 13 out of 20, which was doubled as they played their Joker on it by getting such questions as “From whom did Shylock want to take his pound of flesh?”.
Our three TTP started with identifying the 48 continuous States of America on a map, which even listed all 48 of those States in alphabetical order. One team only knew the position of five of these States, whilst another team managed twenty! The second TTP was a list of the names of the twenty Barclays Premier League Teams for the current season 2013/2014, in Anagram form, such as “Mount the post tart”. All the teams did splendidly on this one with two 19s and one 20 out of 20! Our last TTP was a contribution from one of our regular members who felt we needed to inject a bit of culture into the proceedings. This took the form of 10 quotes from poems and ten quotes from other written works. Even though I gave teams a choice of three authors for each, the average score was only 13; though another 20 out of 20 was scored by one team.
To the final scores then; in third place with 75 points “The Other Three”, second went to “The Girls” with 89 points, but the winners this month with 110 points (including two 20 out of 20s) were the “12 Letters Only” (which, rumour has it contains a Thespian – they can’t touch you for it, apparently).
As for the answers to the above mentioned questions, well, all those events took place in 1971. “Is it safe” comes from the film “Marathon Man”. The last execution at the Tower of London took place in the 20th century (1941) and Shylock wanted a pound of Antonio’s flesh. “Mount the posh tart” is of course Tottenham Hotspur.
More mental mayhem next month.
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