Report on Quiz Meeting Friday 1st November 2013

Dear Quizzers,
We really had enough for four teams at our latest meeting, but no one wanted to have 75% taken off them to make four equal team numbers, so we had two teams of 6 and the third was made up of seven participants. Sixteen of the assembled were members and the other three were welcomed guests.
The team names are always a treat to behold, as they can offer their own challenges, but this time round we had quite “normal” names, such as “Reg’s Team”, “Intelligentsia” and “ The Seven Dwarves” (although none appeared to be less than 5′.3 “ tall).
I insulted the teams’ intelligence with rounds called “Euro Tour” (What mainly is the Eiffel Tower made from?), “Communications” (Which city linked up with London by telephone in 1891?), “Famous Names” (Who is Peaches Geldoff’s oldest sister?) and “Pot Luck” (Where is the Bay of Rainbows?).
There were of course the usual three Table Top Puzzles consisting this month of “Cryptic Shops” (Several of Jason’s ships), Anagrams of Charles Dickens works ( Urinated Foul Rum) and a map of the continent of Africa with the 49 countries left blank, but helpfully all the names were listed at the bottom of the sheet. All teams did very well with the Euro Tour, scoring an average of 18 out of 20. The Communication round was a different matter altogether with the average score of only 7.33, but one team played their Joker on this round and so scored 16 instead of 8.
After the break, the masochists, were assailed with Famous Names with an average of 11, but a Joker played here changed a 14 to a 28. The last round gave us an average of 12.33, but another Joker brought one team’s score up to16. The first two TTP were not much of a challenge to the teams, with all scoring reasonably well. The 49 countries of Africa kept some members riveted and by far the hardest challenge so far (harder than the 48 USA States last month), nevertheless Intelligentsia managed 32 correct countries beating their nearest rival by 9 points.
To the final scores; after a couple of recounts (and a lie down) these came out as 102 points to Intelligentsia in third place (not fourth as someone wondered), The Seven Dwarves second with 104 points and in first place Reg’s Team with 123 points, well done.
The answers to the above are, the Eiffel Tower is made from puddled iron, the 1891 telephone link with London was Paris, Peaches eldest sister is Fifi Trixibelle, the Bay of Rainbows is on the moon, several of Jason’s ships is Argos and Urinated Foul Rum is Our Mutual Friend.
 All the best until next time.
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