Quiz Meeting Report for Friday 6th December 2013

Dear Quizzers,

Well, we had a nice crowd for our last Quiz of 2013 with 17 participants in total, made up with one guest. We assembled three teams; two of 6 and one of 5. The team names were “4 by 2s” (four ladies and two gentlemen), “The 5 Johns + 1” (five gentlemen with either John as their first or second name and a lady) and the infamous, sorry, famous “The Coven” (made up of mostly ladies).

-The four rounds were, Winter, (A) “Thinking Day is celebrated in February by which female movement?”, Capital Cities, (B) “What was Oslo called prior to 1925?”,  History, (C)  “In which country does the Women’s Institute have it’s origins in 1897?” and Pot Luck, (D) “What nationality was Mata Hari?”.

 I also tested the members’ grey matter with three Table Top Puzzles. These TTP consisted of Anagrams of sayings one would hear at Christmas (E) (“A Predicting Snout Pout”), Lyrics from Christmas Carols/songs (F) (“Sister Susie sitting on a thistle”) and a map of England showing all 47 counties together with their names, which the teams had to allocate accordingly.  I have teased members in the past with the 48 (connected) States of America and the countries of the African continent and thought their knowledge of geographical areas nearer home might be easier (well, it is Christmas!). The teams did quite well, but one team managed 46 out of 47 and only failed getting the grand slam by putting down the same number, twice!

 It was a close run thing (probably the closest we’ve had) and in third place we had The 5 Johns + 1 with 114 points, followed close behind by the 4 by 2s with 115, but just inching over the winning tape with 117 were The Coven (again!), This had nothing whatsoever to do with the very generous gift to the Quiz Master of a bottle of bubbly to show their appreciation of all the hours of compilation and research that goes into these quiz meetings (the research takes the longest!).

 Anyway, to the answers to the above posed questions:-

 (A) The Girl Guides, (a movement that still exists and flourishing with thousands of members around the world. This should not be confused with the Scout Association of UK which decided to accept girls as Venture Scouts in 1976 and later in 1991 allowed all girls to join. The Girl Guides are a separate movement).

 (B) Kristiania,  (C) Canada (Stoney Creek, Ontario)  (D) Dutch,  (E) Putting up decorations,  and

 (F) All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.

 Seasonal Greetings to you All!

 Roger x

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