Discussion Group Next Meeting

To all U3A Discussion Groupies,
I invite you to our last get together of the year, at Tanit Restaurant, Torre del Mar on Friday 12th December 2013, at 11.00 a.m.
The following are the burning issues of the day:

Shipbuidling in Portsmouth

Was it a political or commercial decision to close Portsmouth Shipyard? Is there any prospect of a resurrection in the future, especially if Scotland decides to declare it’s independence?

What will all of us Brits do if we lose our television in the course of this month?

The Olympics : With the ever increasing cost of each Olympic games after the next, is it time to reconsider whether it is wise to either call a halt to them altogether, or scale them down?

Has the cost of the Olympics become too much of a burden to any host country to bear? In particular, it is clear that the obscene cost of the Olympics is in sharp relief to the poverty of the people in Rio. Is the prestige worth it?
· Climate Change : Fact or Fiction?a

Do we believe the science? Are the polar caps melting and do holes in the ozone layer actually exist? If so, can human behaviour be tamed to slow things down or reverse the process.

I look forward to seeing you all on the 12th, but should you be unable to make it, I wish you the complements of the season and best wishes for the New Year.

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