Wild Side Walking December Walk Report

Hi all

thanks to hazel for leading a lovely and less strenuous walk this month (sayalonga corumbela loop). We hardly got our feet wet, even though one enterprising member actually soaked himself while adding an extra stepping stone – still, it’s there for future trekkers to use! welcome to our new group members – hope everyone can make it for thursday january 16 (please note date).

Here are keith’s stats: We walked 14.43km or 8.96 miles. We started at 338 m or 1108.92 ft. climbing to a height of 608 m or 1994.75 ft. The total gain in height was 916 m or 3005.25 ft. It took us 12.50min per km at a speed of 7.52 kph or 4.67271 mph
wsw decp1.
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