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I hope that you all had a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year:

 Welcome to our first group meeting for 2014 on Friday 24th January 2014, same place : Tanit Restaurant, Torre del Mar : same time 11.00.a.m.

 My suggestions for discussion are:

 How     was your Christmas this year ?

 Looking back to Christmasses of the past what were your fondest memories, (and those best forgotten)?   In a cynical world is it worth continuing the myth of Santa Claus?


 Has the British Government the moral right to deny anyone the right to die with assistance, at a time of their own choosing, if they are medically ill, or in constant pain, without the risk of prosecution to those who provide such assistance?   What is the attitude to euthanasia elsewhere in Europe and beyond?   Has Britain something to learn from a more liberal attitude elsewhere?   What protections could be built into any legislation to prevent or minimise the possibility of any abuse of such a measure?

 Organ     Donation

 Do you oppose or support the current  opinion that, (in the absence of sufficient donors), it should be assumed that you agree to donate any of your organs on death?   Should relatives have the right to block a donors declared intention to donate their organs on death?

 The     British sense of humour

 Why is it that the rest of the world have such difficulty in understanding the British sense of humour?   Why, in particular, do the British fail to appreciate the American sense of humour?


 Has the media and in particular, gone overboard in the coverage of the deaths and funerals, of national/international figures, such as Margaret Thatcher, Princess Diana and more recently Nelson Mandela?

 I think all of this should be more than enough to get our teeth into!

 All the very best wishes, (in a funny world), for an interesting and happy new year.


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