Quiz Meeting Report for Friday 6th January 2014

Dear Quizzers,
Happy New Year! This first outing of 2014 was a modest affair with only 11 who had nothing better to do that morning. We settled on two teams (one of 6 and the other of 5). The Coven were in evidence again (with 6 team members) whilst a team made up of other stalwarts accepted “Short & Sweet” as their team name, with 5 members (I won’t say which were tall and which were sweet, but there was only one lady and so you can make up your own minds).
The first Quiz of 2014 would not be complete without a look at the news items of 2013 and I challenged the teams on 20 events, such as “What was banned on the 25th September at Chessington World of Adventure because they said that it was confusing to the animals in the wildlife park?”. The second round was entitled “People & Places” and I asked “Who won a libel case against the Daily Mirror in 1959 after they alleged he was homosexual?”. Round 3 was all about “The Romans” and asked such questions as “Who is the Roman equivalent of the Greek God Apollo?” We finished up with the fourth round of “Pot Luck” with the likes of “Which was the first railway terminus in London?”.
In addition to the above, the usual three Table Top Puzzles were presented, consisting of “Number & Letters”. Such as “6 B in an O in C”, “Link Words” where one had to provide the missing word that links the other two, such as “Funny – ……?…… – China” and an unwelcome favourite, “Dingbats” (like Catchphrase, but harder). Eg “2+2=4 The”.
It was very close all along the proceedings and a different choice of Joker, might have made the difference to the final scores and reversed the outcome of winner and runner up. So the Runners Up were Short & Sweet with 101 points and the Winners (again) were The Coven with 106 points.
The answers to the posed above:
  1. The item that was banned from Chessington World of  Adventure was animal print clothing.
  2. It was Liberace who successfully sued the Daily Mirror.
  3. The Roman for Apollo was Apollo (they both had the same name).
  4. Euston Station was the first terminus in London (1837).
  5. 6  B in an O in C is  Six Balls in an Over in Cricket.
  6. Funny – ….?….. – China is Funny-Bone-China.
  7. 2+2=4 The  is  “The Aftermath”.
All the best ’til next time,
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