Art Appreciation January 2014 Report

The Art Appreciation group meets monthly in Parquesol Restaurant on the  3rd Wednesday in the month at 11am.  This month for the first time we also met in Canillias De Albaida and this will meet on the second Wednesday of the month at 11am

By public demand, we watched the History of Art in Spain.  This is a BBC documentary by Andrew Graham Dixon.  It is a three part series and we are going to watch all three episodes.  In the first episode we visited Seville, Granada and Cordoba.  The second episode focusses on middle Spain and the third on the North.

The series was very well written and it takes us a walk through the history of Spain whilst pointing out the architecture and moving geographically at the same time.  The change of media and topic is fast and furious, stimulating the mind.

We visited the Mesquite, Medinat al Zaharra, Seville‘s cathedrals and the Alhambra all in one day.  It was amazing.  The amount of information given was phenomenal. I loved the image created of the pillars of the Mesquite being like Palm trees in a forest and the roof of the Al Hambra being made out of icing sugar.  Do you feel like you are in a glass of cava when you are there?

We talked sorted out the problems of the DVD, Spain and the world in a very animated discussion afterwards.  We do all like Andrew Graham Dixon lots but we wanted to go with him on the tour.  I love this DVD as I have watched it numerous times and each time I get something different from it.

Please come along on 19th February to Parquesol or 12th to Antonio’s when we will be viewing and discussing History of Spain episode 2 and 3.  I am hoping for a visit in March or April to a place of the groups’ choice, possibly the Cordoba.  We will share transport.

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