New Groups: Gastronomy and Poetry

The gastronomy group
Meets on the 3rd Friday of the month at various locations to explore food and drink in the area.  The group meets to enjoy an outing whilst sampling and extending knowledge of local culture, food and drink.  They hope to explore fiestas, markets and wine festivals in the area.  Please join us for a fun adventure of discovery. Everyone is welcome.

Poetry Group
Meets on the second Tuesday of the month at the home of Norma at 11 am for approximately 2 hours.We hope to enrich the lives of poetry lovers by sharing favorite poems a while meeting like-minded enthusiasts living in the Costa del Sol.  There will be a time for discussion.  We hope for poetry in all languages with English translation.  There will be an opportunity for everyone to present poems or poets.  Everyone is welcome.

For both groups, contact  Norma ( or 692-847-194).  Details will be given of the venue.

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