Walking – January Report

Our last walk in January was along the beautiful Torrox river valley led by John and Patsie Daniels on a lovely sunny day.

We began the walk at Los Caracoles on the Frigliana/Torrox road and walked for 2 hours through the valley back to Torrox pueblo. It was a pleasant easy, downhill walk.
Along the way we stopped to admire the views across to the hamlet of Casarones, some 4 kms from Torrox.

Patsie told us that in Moorish times the Rio Torrox was navigable by barge.
Goods and foodstuffs were transported up the river then off loaded onto mule trains which made their way via the Puerta de Competa, the pass in the Tejeda mountains, all the way to Granada.

Casarones has its own modern legend which was told to John and Patsie by an old local man.
In the 1940’s, a goatherd was tending his goats when one of them became trapped in a minor landslip. When he dug the goat out he found a ceramic pot full of Moorish gold.

Que Sorpresa! He handed it over to the authorities and was duly rewarded. With the money he built the first grand villa on the coast at Torrox Costa. Eventually the family died out and the villa stood empty for years.

Known as El Recreo, painted in ochre and white with a green tiled roof, it is still there today surrounded by modern apartments. The goatherd was very fond of Rudolf Valentino and the design apparently came from a villa the goatherd had seen in one of his films.

So not only were we rewarded with an enjoyable walk but a fascinating piece of local history too!

Thanks to John and Patsie.

The next walk will be on Friday, February 28th.

See calendar for further details.

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