Discussion – February Meeting

Sorry for the short notice but the next meeting is to take place on Friday 14th February at 11.00 a.m. the venue as usual Tanit Restaurant, Torre del Mar, (Adjacent the lighthouse at the end of Avda Tore Tore).


The subject matter is as proposed when last we met:


  1. Legal immigrants     from Romania/Bulgaria seem to be not welcome in the UK, whereas small numbers of     Syrian refugees are!   Has the UK Government lost a sense of balance in     their immigration policy or is it just political goose-stepping to Ukip’s     tune?


  1. Has all of our UKTV been     deliberately dumbed down and if so, for what reason?   Do you think     daytime TV is getting even worse in this respect as a result?   Will we be     losing anything of any real value as a result of the great switch off?


  1. Is Britain any better for having Halloween     imported on us by the US?       What about Mothers Day, Fathers Day or even today, Valentines Day, imposed     on us :  are any of them worthwhile or are they just a windfall for Card     Companies and florists, etc. out to make a quick buck?   Could we do with     an extra Public Holiday to celebrate our Nationhood, (like Thanksgiving in     the States), or perhaps a national charity day when we could give of our     time or money to good causes?


  1. Alcohol and food:      Is it the duty of a Government to spend millions on being a nanny state in     an attempt to discourage or reduce consumption of both?   Or is this     acceptable providing the nations health shows a worthwhile improvement or  the NHS saves money on treating the effects of self indulgence?

Look forward to seeing you all on Friday



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