Poetry – February 11th Report

A total of 5 participants attended the organisational meeting.  We discussed the 2014 calendar; we will meet the second Tuesday of each month all year except for June when we will meet on the third, on June 17th; Norma will be away on a trip.

Each participant presented their preference in terms of what they hope to get from the Poetry meetings.  We agreed on (loosely) following a theme each month as presented below:

March 11=women; April 6=Spring; May 13=Mother; June 17= Father; July 8th=Summer; Aug. 12=Travel; Sept. 9=Memories; Oct.14=Autumn; Nov.11=Appreciation; Dec.9=Family.

Today, the hostess presented two French love poems in anticipation of Feb.14th.

We also invite participants to contribute a ”GEM” at each meeting.  For example, today a GEM was already contributed by a participant who told us to look at the web under: Poetry Forum.  A gem is an invitation to stretch our personal knowledge of poetry and a gift to others.

Periodicall, we will welcome a mini-lesson on one aspect of writing as we discovered we were all fans of wordsmithing.  We look forward to March11th…

Respectfully submitted, nkk , norma2kk@aol.com

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