Quiz Games – February Report

Last Friday saw 14 members with nothing better to occupy their morning than to have their senses stimulated by a mass of obscure questions. We started with two large teams, but when another couple graced us with their presence, we managed three teams (after a little cajoling). So “The Coven” were present with 5 members, “The Late Arrivals” had 4 (after two volunteers joined them) and the third Team were called “The Other 6”, (there were 5 of them, but they did have 6 to begin with).

This month’s subjects were “Trouble Spots” (1.Which war was fought over the 38th Parallel?), “Planes & Stuff”, (2. What do the letters STOL mean in respect of an aircraft?), “Name that Year” (3. Rudolf Nureyev defects to the West, work begins on the Berlin Wall, Tottenham Hotspur win the double) and “Pot Luck” (4. Who was assassinated by her own bodyguard on 31st October 1984?).

In addition the members were presented with three Table Top Puzzles; A map of Europe with 39 counties to identify, 10 Phobias (5.1.Didaskaleinophobia), plus 10 types of collector ( 5.2 Velologists) and Cryptic Holiday destinations (6. Drinking ale in front of the posh hotel – 7 letters).

The first round saw all three teams evenly matched. Round 2 left two teams in almost equal second place, but the result of round three made one team streak ahead. After round 4 the final positions were accurately predicted. The TTP first tested the members knowledge of European countries and whilst two teams were evenly matched (again), one team managed an impressive 39 out of 39! The TTP on Phobia and Collectors stumped all teams, but they all did better in the Cryptic Holiday TTP.

So the final scores were 100 points to The Late Arrivals, putting them in third place, second with 116 were The Other 6 and continuing their very long run of wins were The Coven with 134 points!(they really must get out more).

Answers: 1. Korea, 2. Short Take Off & Landing, 3. 1961, 4. Indira Gandhi, 5.1 Fear of going to School, 5.2 collecting Vehicle Tax Discs and 6. Biaritz.

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