Art Appreciation February Report

The Art Appreciation group meets monthly in Parquesol Restaurant on the third Wednesday in the month at 11am and also in Canillias De Albaida on the second Wednesday of the month at 11am in Antonio’s bar.

By public demand, we watched the History of Art in Spain.  This is a BBC documentary by Andrew Graham Dixon.  It is a three part series and we are going to watch all three episodes.

In the second part of his odyssey through Spain, Andrew Graham-Dixon travels to the country’s scorched centre to explore the dazzling art of the 16th and 17th centuries. From the mystical world of El Greco to the tender genius of Velazquez, this was a moment so extraordinary it became known as the Golden Age. But beneath the glittering surface was a dark and savage heart. Travelling from the architectural jewel of Toledo to majestic Madrid, Andrew Graham-Dixon traces the rise and fall of the Spanish Empire, the brutal conquest of the New World, and the religious madness of the Inquisition, to discover how a history so violent could produce some of the most beautiful art ever seen.

The discussion that followed was a very informative part of the morning.  We all expressed our likes and our dislikes.  We all had differing opinions, some people hate Goya and some love him.  The same applies to Valasquez and Zubariaron.  We all shared knowledge and learned so much.  I love these groups because I love the sharing of knowledge and I hope that you do as well.

The next meeting is part three. Roger has offered to show the video and lead the discussion in Parquesol on the 19th  March at 11 am.  The next meeting in Canillas is April 9th at 11 in Antonio’s.  I am off to sunny Scotland.

Janice Galloway

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