Quiz Group

Dear Quizzers,
HOLD THE FRONT PAGE! –  More on that story later.
14 members sought to celebrate the beginning of Spring in style, but turned up at the Quiz meeting instead. We had the “No Hoper’s” (prophetic?) with just 4 in the team, “Cinco or Swim” (a pun of some sort, I believe) with, yes you’ve guess it, 5 team members and our consistent winners, “The Coven” with another 5 members.
The questions this month were in Round 1, Myths & Legends (a,  In what form did Zeus seduce Leda?), Round 2, Births & Deaths (b,   True or False, Harry Potter and his creator J.K. Rowling, share the same birthday?), Round 3, At the Cinema (c,   What connects Michael Caine and Jude Law in 1966 and 2004?) and Round 4, Pot Luck (d,   What was the profession of Harry Houdini’s father?).
The three Table Top Puzzles this month consisted first of all of, Cryptic Bands (e,    Mr. Sinatra is off to make a film), then we had the titles of British Sit-Coms with the vowels and punctuation removed (f.   RYBNGSRVD). The third TTP was another map, this time showing the 33 divisions of Greater London.
After the first two rounds, the No Hoper’s were in second place, but their failure to keep up the good work in rounds 3 & 4 meant that their final position was assured. This left the other two teams to battle it out as they were neck and neck at this stage.
It was all down to the TTPs. The No Hoper’s picked up a few extra points, but not enough to change their overall position; however Cinco or Swim made convincing strides in all three puzzles which put them in the lead. It was The Coven’s lack of knowledge of England’s capital that let them down, which was ironic as you will remember they scored an impressive 39/39 last month for their knowledge of European countries!
The Scores; in third place with (a not to be a shamed of ) 95 points (there were only 4 of them), the No Hoper’s, in second place with 107 points were The Coven (no, I can’t believe it either) and in a well deserved first place with 117 points were Cinco or Swim; well done! It was suggested (by someone more familiar with the northern environs of England) that I might like to present a map of Greater Manchester for the next quiz, but that would seem unfair, don’t you think?
Anyway, answers to the above mentioned questions:
a) – A Swan, b) – True (31st July), c) – Alfie, d) – A Rabbi, e) – Frankie Goes to Hollywood and f) – Are you being served?
Hasta la vista,
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