Discussion Next Meeting

I confirm that the next meeting of the discussion group will take place on Friday 11th April, at 11.00 a.m.   The venue will be, as usual Tanit Restaurant, Torre del Mar.

The subject matters I have chosen are:

Compulsory voting in elections, (and in particular, General elections)

 Is there a case for it?   Should it be a public holiday to encourage turn out, (as in Australia)?   If you did not wish to vote for the candidates on offer should you be able to vote for “none of the above”?

On a related matter, both David Cameron and Boris Johnson, are on record as seeking the agreement of 50% of the total union membership to legitimise strike action – is this equitable, bearing in mind that politicians rule countries with approval of far less than 50% of the population?

Why are so many prisoners, in Britain, being kept in prison for far longer that their sentence?

 Surely our prisons are overcrowded?   All too often it would seem that people with influence are able to leave prison far earlier than their sentence and yet youngsters are often kept in up to eight years later than their sentence because the parole board are nervous about releasing them for fear of repeating what may or may not be the risk of violent behaviour.

Capital punishment  (A personal view if you don’t mind)

 I am totally opposed to the reintroduction of capital punishment with the exception of the deliberate murder of our emergency service personnel or prison officers in the line of duty – all of which I believe should have the protection of this deterrent may provide – what do you think?

A government think tank has recently suggested that children should play less and start their education from the age of two.

 What is your view?

I look forward to seeing you Friday.


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