Meditation/Relaxation Groups March Report

During the Month of March both groups were well attended as usual. We listened to an Indian Meditation, one of Glen Harrold’s visualisation CDs and Earth and Universe.

There was a combined outing to the Karma Guen Diamond Way Buddhist Retreat Center. Where 16 of us braved the cold and wind and met at Trapiche before going in convoy to the centre.

We were met by Rob who gave us a guided tour of the Karma Guen, but unfortunately did not know the history of the drawings around the centre. He then did a meditation for us which was hard to hear as he was quietly spoken and the wind was howling outside. He then took us to their gift shop where we had ample time to purchase goods, some gifts are made by  the staff that work there, and also there were books and CDs you could purchase. At 13.30 a gong was struck to let everyone know that lunch was ready. The food was delicious and plenty of it and we had chance to speak to other co workers that were staying at the retreat. Finally some us got back into the cars and a few decided to walk up to the Estupa, by now the wind had dropped and the sun was shining on us. We left about 16.00 the trip cost 5€ including the food.

If anyone wants to go for a full guided tour you can go any Sunday afternoon

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